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We know everyone is different and learns differently. We aim to cater to the individual and teach through visual examples, explanation of techniques and performing movements with an instructor to ensure that you get the most out of our classes.


This class is for you, if you have never tried Tango before or if you have had a few intro’s and eager to learn more.

We will focus on basic steps, a comfortable embrace, movement techniques for both lead and followers and musicality.

Our Novice classes are held through USG, please visit USG’s website for further information and sign-up.


This class is for you, if you have danced approximately ½-1 year.
Sacada, Boleo, Gancho, Giro, Cruzada, Salida and Sanguchito are not unknown terms and movements to you. In this class we will further refine these basic steps by adding variations, accents, syncopation and embellishments to further extend your reportiore with movements you are already familiar with.

We will take a step closer into the closed embrace and experience how to comfortably lead and follow.

By the end of this course, we will have shown you methods and movements to safely navigate a crowded Milonga dance floor, by respecting your dance partner with soft but determined leads/follows and respecting and adjusting to your immediate surroundings. .

Our Intermediate classes are held through USG, please visit USG’s website for further information and sign-up.

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For Novice and Intermediate class, please sign-up through USG website.
Next Class:
7th September

Intermediate Class
In our class you will primarily be dancing with your/a partner, but there will be change of partners throughout the sessions, so it is possible to sign up as one person, however we do recommend that you sign up with partner, so we have a balanced mix of leads and followers.

USG website.
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    Next classes start 7th September 2016.
    Novice 19:00-20:20.
    Intermediate 20:20-21:40

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    USG | Nørre Alle 53 | 2200 Copenhagen


We pride ourselves in focusing on the individual, explaining and training movements, that you feel comfortable and get most out of the techniques.
Our goal in mind, is for you to comfortably lead and follow on a Milonga dance floor and enjoy Tango in it's entirety.
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Jan Quach

Jan is relatively new to the tango scene, only danced for ~5 years.
He is however very passionate about tango and danced intensively in all those years. He has a background in ballroom and has been able to rely on previous experience as well as adapt many techniques, balance and movements into his repertoire.
Jan’s teaching style is primarily focused on technique, musciality, embellishments/legwork and dancefloor navigation.
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Gitte Hansen

Gitte is a seasoned tango dancer, having danced more than 15+ years, including dancing the floors of crowded Milonga’s in Buenos Aires for an extended length of time.
She has had lessons both in DK as well as different locations in Europe by well respected and renowned instructors.
Gitte’s teaching style is primarily focused on technique, musicality and partner connections.


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